About Us

Dead Bros Is a clothing business established by two brothers (Julian and Christian Vetrone). The brand is founded in the southeast suburbs of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Julian and Christian grew up in Oakville, Ontario and attended Toronto Film School from 2016 to 2018. In addition to taking home awards at the Toronto Film School Festival of Films, the brothers have been contemplating starting their own clothing brand for some time. They had ideas they wanted to share with the world, not just on the screen but in the fashion industry too. Between serving at mom and dad's restaurant, writing stories and creating content to pursue their film career, they started to screen print tee shirts in their garage for their friends' business and printing custom orders for various clients to support their local community. They love making custom shirts, sure it pays the bills but they weren't excited enough about it. The brothers were inspired by movies, horror genre and true crime stories, since they were kids. Horror has always been their favourite genre. As brothers who share the same passion, they figured this was an opportunity to show what they can do and have fun doing it. They began to commission their own designs for tee shirts, while running their day to day business. Julian started doodling on napkins at work to spark ideas and bring them back to the garage where they can print. Design after design, their product offerings grew in their local community and so did their customer base. They had a specific look and a target audience they wanted to go after. That's when they decided it was time to bring their ideas to life and create a store for Dead Bros.
 Festival de Cannes 2019